Paper bag potato

    This product is a fresh potato, weighing one kilogram, five kilograms, ten kilograms in a paper bag packaging.

    Mesh Bags potato

    A tighter mesh bag is much more widely used. Mesh has the advantage of unique airflow in addition to low cost. Proper ventilation is useful for potatoes. The supermarket produces managers like small mesh bags because they create attractive displays and stimulate shopping.

    Shrink Wrap

    One of the newest trends in packaging production is the small packaging of manufactured products. Collectable packaging has been used successfully for potato packaging. This packaging can reduce shrinkage, protect the product against disease, reduce mechanical damage and provide the proper surface for adhesive labels.

    It costs a little packaging. They are very clear and easy to check. Easily accept high quality graphics. Plastic films are available in a wide range of thicknesses and grades. Research has shown that shelf life of new products is significantly extended by this packaging.

    Pulp Containers

    Containers made from recycled paper pulp are mainly used for small packages of fresh potatoes. Pulp containers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive in standard sizes. Pulp containers can absorb moisture from the surface of the crop, which is useful for potatoes that are easily damaged by water. Pulp containers are also degradable, made of recyclable materials.

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