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The collection is a professional network that delivers a unique meal designed for frozen food shoppers. Iran is the largest producer of frozen potato products in the Middle East in the frozen food industry. Buy frozen potatoes directly from an Iranian wholesaler and supplier.

Can you use frozen potatoes?

Yes, you can just put them in your freezer and bring out whatever you need. This is really no different than buying frozen potatoes at grocery stores. Or you can cook them, chop them for mashed potatoes, then freeze them to size and use them if needed. Frozen potatoes can be used once.

When fresh potatoes are frozen, they soften. They can be cooked immediately and used in some dishes without changing the taste or texture.

Frozen potatoes can be used once. After freezing more than once and sprinkling them again is a terrible mushroom gray and taste. It is best to cut them while they are still half frozen, if you do not use them immediately, dry them quickly and quickly fry them on cookie trays, fry potatoes, and so on.

If you mistakenly put the potatoes in the freezer, do so. Cut them into large pieces, cook them in the microwave, peel off the excess water, and then peel them. They are great for soups and noodles.

Can you use frozen potatoes?
Can you use frozen potatoes?

Are frozen potatoes precooked?

This is a great kitchen tip for how to make dense freezer potatoes from all those potatoes that can get bad if you don’t use them immediately. Best of all, this recipe is naturally gluten free and 30 is compatible! It’s a great way to save money instead of buying frozen versions of processed.

How to Make Freezer Potatoes

  • Peel two cups of potatoes (or whatever you want to work with). Chop the potatoes into 1-inch cubes.
  • Boil chopped potatoes in salted water to simmer for just 5 minutes.
  • Sprinkle a pan with non-stick cooking oil and spread the cooked potatoes on a pan.
  • Put frozen potatoes in the freezer for 30 minutes, this is frost. (You have to do this step or the potatoes freeze in a pile)
  • Transfer frozen potato cubes to freezer bags or containers to use.
Are frozen potatoes precooked?
Are frozen potatoes precooked?

Do Potatoes Go Bad When They Freeze?

Raw potatoes are not good for freezing. They do not get bad, but their texture and taste are poor after they are melted and cooked. Neutralize them first to deactivate the enzymes and destroy them to see if the potatoes you find are acceptable. The newer the potatoes, the better they freeze. Baked potatoes, when cooked or grated, freeze well for a few weeks but then quickly lose their flavor.

Without boiling, the raw potatoes are poured into the freezer. Clean them in cold water and use a vegetable brush. Bring a large pot of salted water to boil over high heat. The higher the ratio of potatoes to water, the better it is because it maintains the temperature and returns to boiling when the potatoes are added. Prepare a bath of ice water while the water is warm. Boil potatoes less than 1/2 inch in diameter for four to six minutes and boil larger ingredients for eight to 10 minutes. Drain them and immediately immerse them in ice water to stop the cooking process. Dry the potatoes thoroughly and seal them in sealed packaging to freeze.

Do Potatoes Go Bad When They Freeze?
Do Potatoes Go Bad When They Freeze?

where you buy frozen potatoes?

Iran’s frozen potato products are unbeatable, delivering superior quality and profit and you can trust anything you want. High-performance potatoes have many different forms of value added that are suitable for any type of food. Iranian Potato also works with you on marketing to maximize sales and profits.

Not all frozen potato products sold are the same. Quality begins with Iranian grown potatoes, the result of ideally growing temperatures, rich soil and expert plant growth generations. Iranian potatoes are processed, must meet stringent standards for high solids and low sugar content – just to create frozen potato products with the desired appearance, taste and texture. The abundant supply of potatoes guarantees a continuous supply chain.

Price of semi-prepared bulk restaurant potatoes

In all our restaurants all over the country, fries are known as one of the popular dishes. But preparing and baking it takes a lot of time. That is why for many restaurant owners, the price of semi-ready bulk restaurant potatoes is important.

How to buy bulk semi-ready potatoes at the most reasonable price?
There are several ways to purchase this product, but not all of these are the most appropriate. Because not all of them can provide the customer with the most suitable price.

One of the many ways that many people shop for the goods they need is to go to the various stores in the city where they live. This is definitely not suitable for restaurants that want to buy their goods cheaply. Because it does not allow them to buy at the cheapest price.

Another popular way is to go online. Stores that sell their products partially to consumers. But this method also can’t be good for a reasonably priced purchase.

Price of semi-prepared bulk restaurant potatoes

Best way to buy restaurant potatoes

Restaurant owners who need frozen potatoes can get their products directly from the manufacturer in Iran. This creates an opportunity for them to buy the product at the cheapest price. In fact, this is the best way to buy a restaurant potato.

Semi-ready potato distributor restaurant

There are many customers in the Iranian market for semi-ready potatoes. They are restaurants that want to buy this product directly to their customers.

They can refer to the semi-ready potato distribution center in the country to buy this product. The center is directly linked to the semi-finished potato producer in the country, so it can provide products at a very affordable price to anyone.

The center is one of the prestigious companies that sell potatoes domestically.

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