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Potato export | how can I success in potato exporting

potato export Research shows that farmers have significantly greater growth prospects, longer durability, and higher profitability than non-potato farmers. And if you need more encouragement, consider the fact that post-export business exports generate an average growth of 30% in just two years – a serious reason to consider overseas trading. 

There is no better time to start exporting potatoes, here are my top ten tips to help you on your way.

potato export iran
potato export iran

Top 10 Steps to Success in Potato Export

1. How much potential do you have for exporting potatoes؟

Whether large or small exports boost sales as well as domestic and global competition. Selling exported potatoes will increase your sales. So you have to be able to produce a lot of potatoes.

If you are not a potato producer, you can buy it from other farmers at a lower price. Here you have started a B To B business.

 To export potatoes to potato bazar you can start right now. If there are no restrictions on potato exports in your country.

exporting potatoes
exporting potatoes

2. Preparing an action plan

potatoes are an ideal product for sale. Because it has long been a customer. Surely there are many customers in the overseas market. Potatoes are a seasonal product. But you can easily buy it from cold stores and warehouses.

You can also buy it from countries that produce cheap potatoes. Then re-export the potatoes. You need to know that you do not need much money to start exporting potatoes.

Preparing an action plan
Preparing an action plan

3. Types of Potato Buyer Markets

A successful market is waiting for you to start potato export. Because customers are really big. Potato buyers on the market include:

  • Chips factories
  • Food industry Potato starch producer
  • Potato puree industries
  • Restaurants and fast food
  • All supermarkets
Types of Potato Buyer Markets
Types of Potato Buyer Markets

4- Directions to enter the potato market

Consider a target country for potato exports. Depending on the culture of the target country, make your target appropriate to the culture of the target country.

You can advertise. You’ll get to know the ad very soon. So customers come to you for potatoes.

Use Alibaba and Amazon sites. It’s good to be able to identify your target market. Then you will only advertise in their language.

Directions to enter the potato market
Directions to enter the potato market

5. Learn about overseas potato sales and marketing

Look at the differences between the principles of internal marketing and export, because both of your markets have specific needs. Invest in digital opportunities and create a digital marketing program.

Monitor potato market activity on social media and update your business plan accordingly. Create a unified brand for your business that protects your reputation worldwide.

Learn about overseas potato sales and marketing

6. Think about cultural and linguistic challenges

Understanding culturally sensitive areas such as religion and developing strategies to develop your team’s cross-cultural understanding of global relations is important.

Include cultural differences in your business plan for a better opportunity to find overseas business partners. Find reputable translators, but consider attending language and culture workshops. 

hink about cultural and linguistic challenges

7. Be prepared to manage finances, payments and risk

Set up a letter of credit to make sure you pay for your export. Learn how to manage foreign financial transactions and business tax management. Set the price of your products / services to consider. A balanced evaluation is important, so write down your performance goals below and evaluate your partner’s ability.

Be prepared to manage finances, payments and risk

8. Prepare to protect your intellectual property

If possible, create partnerships with partners in both languages ​​and use these to manage product exclusivity. Examine what can be created, and try Intellectual Property Rights workshops to further your understanding. Learn the export rules in your target market so that you can properly represent your contracts.

Prepare to protect your intellectual property

9. Prepare for your orders and get your documentation properly

Without proper documentation you will not be able to export and incorrect documentation can waste time and money. Export documents include Certificates of Origin, EUR1, ATR, Letters of Credit and ATA Carnets. In addition, there may be specific export taxes in the country.

Get professional advice from yourself and any business partners you may have overseas to avoid inaccurate documentation.

10. Choose your distribution, shipping and delivery methods

Don’t just choose the best shipping method for your budget, but also for your product. Consider using distributors and commissioners to assist you in the different delivery routes. Understanding the role of customs and exports is also important for export success.

Take your business to the next level and export.

International trade is not as difficult as it seems. There are real opportunities for your business to trade internationally because potatoes are in high demand worldwide.

Choose your distribution, shipping and delivery methods

Who are Potato Export by Country?

Global sales of potato exports by the country during 2018 totaled $ 4.33 billion per crude retail. In addition, the value of shipments of prepared or stored potatoes, including French fries, represents another $ 10.1 billion.

Overall, crude potato export value has declined by -0.1% on average for all exporting countries since 2014, when crude potato shipments were worth $ 4.34 billion. Total shipments of potatoes prepared or stored including 15.5% frozen potatoes over a 5-year period

The 4-digit code prefix is ​​the Harmonized Tariff System for Raw Potatoes 0701. The 6-digit prefix is ​​frozen prepared or canned potatoes, including French fried potatoes 200410, while the 200520 is a 6-digit prefix frozen potatoes either made with vinegar or acetic acid.

Who are Potato Export by Country?
Who are Potato Export by Country?

15 countries exporting potatoes

Below are the 15 countries that export the highest dollar value of unprocessed raw potatoes shipped in 2018.

Netherlands: US $ 793.9 million (18.3% of total raw potatoes exported)
France: $ 642 million (14.8%)
Germany: $ 374 million (8.6%)
China: $ 261.2 million (6%)
Canada: $ 252.2 million (5.8%)
United States: $ 235.8 million (5.4%)
Egypt: $ 206.9 million (4.8%)
Iran: $ 203 million (4.7%)
Belgium: $ 199.3 million (4.6%)
Spain: $ 153.7 million (3.5%)
UK: $ 144 million (3.3%)
Pakistan: $ 120.9 million (2.8%)
Denmark: $ 70.2 million (1.6%)
Israel: $ 63.4 million (1.5%)
India: $ 57.4 million (1.3%)

The above countries produced 87.2% of the crude potatoes exported in 2018.

Among the above countries the fastest exporter of raw potatoes since 2014 are Pakistan (136% increase), Spain (74.6%), Iran (26.4% increase) and Canada (26% increase).

Countries that reduce their export sales of raw potatoes were led by: Israel (-51% down), India (-47.7%), Egypt (36.7%), Netherlands (-11.9%) and Denmark (down) -7.1)).

15 countries exporting potatoes
15 countries exporting potatoes

Potato export by country: Provided or maintained

Frozen ready-made or frozen potatoes containing French fries have export sales of $ 7.5 billion annually (equivalent to 79.4% of total prepared or preserved), while international shipments of ready-made potatoes Or frozen frozen another $ 2.6 billion (representing 20.6%).

Below are 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value of prepared or preserved potatoes during 2018, including frozen and frozen goods.

Belgium: US $ 2.26 billion (22.4% of total exports of frozen prepared and preserved potatoes)
Netherlands: $ 2.25 Billion (22.4%)
US: $ 1.4 billion (14.1%)
Canada: $ 1.2 billion (11.7%)
Germany: $ 483.9 million (4.8%)
France: $ 476.9 million (4.7%)
Poland: $ 325.6 million (3.2%)
UK: $ 301.9 million (3%)
Argentina: $ 155 million (1.5%)
Iran: $ 127.1 Million (1.3%)
Spain: $ 104.3 million (1%)
Mexico: $ 96.3 Million (1%)
New Zealand: $ 73 million (0.7%)
Russia: $ 69 million (0.7%)
Austria: $ 67.9 million (0.7%)
The 15 listed countries immediately shipped 93.3% of all fences prepared or maintained in 2018 without regard to frost.

Among the above countries, the fastest exported potato exporters and preservers of potatoes since 2014 are: Iran (225.2%), Spain (48.8%), Poland (45.9%) and Britain (28.0% increase).

Three countries have declined in export sales of frozen and preserved potatoes: Argentina (-19.1% lower), New Zealand (-9.4%) and Russia (-3.8%).

Potato export by country: Provided or maintained
Potato export by country: Provided or maintained

Statistics of export and sale of potatoes in Iran

Frozen cooked, packaged and fried potatoes are a source of income for exporting potatoes.

$ 7.5 billion in 2018 is recorded for Iran’s potato export value. This figure accounts for about 80% of the exported baked potatoes.

That figure is about 21 percent of global sales compared to raw potato exports. This is reported to be about $ 2.5 billion.

The following is a list of the top countries active in exporting ready-packed exported potatoes:

Statistics of export and sale potatoes in Iran
Statistics of export and sale potatoes in Iran

Iranian export potatoes

This figure is recorded in 2018. Potatoes are frozen, fried or partially packed fries:

Belgium with $ 26.2 billion in revenue – a share of 4.22 percent
The Netherlands earns about $ 25.2 billion – a share of 4.22 percent
The US with a revenue of about $ 4.1 billion – a share of 1.14 percent
Canada with $ 1.2 million in revenue – a share of 7.11%
Germany with a revenue of about $ 9.483 million – a share of 8.4 percent
France with $ 9.476 million in revenue – a share of 7.4 percent
Poland earns about $ 6.325 million – a share of 2.3 percent
The UK earns about $ 9.301 million – a share of 3 percent
Argentina with an income of about $ 155 million – a share of 5.1%
Iran with a revenue of about $ 1.121 million – a share of 3.1%
Spain earns about $ 3.104 million – a share of 1 percent
Mexico with a revenue of about $ 3.96 million – a share of 1 percent
New Zealand earns about $ 73 million – a share of 0.7 percent
Russia earns about $ 69 million – a share of 0.7 percent
Austria with a revenue of about $ 9.67 million – a share of 0.7 percent

Iranian export potatoes
Iranian export potatoes

Quality exported potatoes

Of all the above countries active in exporting and selling potatoes, some have seen negative growth and others have seen positive growth in potato exports. This business model has been able to supply about 93% of the world’s exported potatoes.

The following countries have seen the fastest positive growth in export potatoes in the last few years. The figures for 2014 are as follows:

  •  Iran more than 225 percent 
  • Spain more than 49 percent 
  •  Poland more than 46 percent 
  •  England more than 28% 

Countries experiencing negative growth in potato exports are as follows:

  • Argentina less than 19%
  • New Zealand less than 10 percent
  •  Russia less than 4 percent

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