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Export potato |Wholesale price of potatoes in Iran

Export potatoe from Iran is our business. The wholesale price of potatoes in Iran and the world is different. You can buy potatoes at Iran prices. Therefore, exported potato buyers always buy this product from these suppliers.

قیمت فروش عمده سیب زمینی

Wholesale price of potatoes in Tehran

Tehran is a very big city. It is also the capital of Iran. Many goods are bought and sold in Tehran.

The price of many products in Tehran province is considered as a base. But the potatoes are bought by the farmers. They then sell it for sale.
Potato cultivation is thriving in Iran. Many traders come to Iran to buy potatoes.
The price of potatoes in Iran. You can contact potato sellers in Iran.

فروش سیب زمینی

Bulk sale of fresh exported potatoes

Export potatoes have their own characteristics. Customers expect the potato to have the features. These features vary for each product.
Put the exported potatoes in special containers. Put the exported potatoes in glass or mesh bags.

Features of exported potatoes

These potatoes must be quite identical in size. They do not have much smaller potatoes. Also, these potatoes have no soil. Workers must remove broken potatoes as required by the export customer. Then put them in the desired bags.

Another type of potato packaging used for export is the lace shape. You may have seen onions in this packaging on the market. The type of packaging is determined according to customer requirements.

سیب زمینی صادراتی

Potato Sales Company

Price is always a determining factor for every customer. Potatoes do not have a fixed price.
But keep in mind that a low price may not always be the reason for an export buyer to buy from a particular seller. Potato export customers have other demands, one of which is the constant quality of the bar.

Potato sales company since it has long experience in potato sales. The company can help buyers of potatoes.

عمده فروش سیب زمینی

Which potato cultivar is most suitable for export?

As mentioned, the quality of potatoes is always important to many buyers. Different potatoes have different qualities. Iranians plant different varieties of potatoes.

Some types of potatoes include:

  • Agria
  • Jelly
  • Fabula
  • Marfona
  • Split
  • Santa
  • Santana
  • Hermes
  • Lady Rosetta
    There are many varieties of potatoes, and it is difficult for many exporters to choose the type of potato to export. It is quite evident that some varieties of this product such as potato Agria and Jelly have the best quality.

Better potato varieties are also more expensive. Try to figure out what your customer wants, so you can supply the potatoes as he or she wants them.

فروش سیب زمینی

Export potato market

Potatoes are one of the most important items in our country for export. Potato exports increase farmers’ income.

The exported potato market in Iran is very volatile and highly dependent on the market price of potatoes.

خرید و فروش سیب زمینی

Buy Hamadan potatoes for export

Hamadan is one of the provinces of our country. Every year the farmers cultivate potatoes there. Planting of this crop in Hamadan province is very prosperous.

Hamadan farmers can harvest very good quality potatoes. And this is directly related to the soil quality of that area. Harvest one of the best quality potatoes in Hamadan province.

Potatoes are also grown in other provinces of the country. It can be grown in many areas. But the cultivation rate of this crop is higher in Hamedan province.

صادرات سیب زمینی

Sell potatoes

Potatoes are a very seasonal product. It is harvested only on certain months of the year. Therefore, this product is stored in warehouses. To be marketed when the potatoes are not harvested.

Warehouses are one of the most important suppliers whose existence is essential for the potato market in Iran as well as in other countries.

Buying potatoes directly from the potato warehouse can be very cost-effective. Therefore, many buyers want to negotiate directly with them.

Buying directly from warehouses is good for major buyers who buy a small potato. But buyers who buy potatoes constantly and every day. They are looking for a potato sales company that can supply them with this product.

بازار سیب زمینی

Best Potato Supplier for Export

Potatoes are a seasonal crop grown in different parts of our country.

They are potato suppliers who can supply potatoes for export. Different buyers are always looking for the best supplier. They want a supplier who can make potatoes at a very reasonable price. Also the quality of the product offered for sale should be the same as the sample sent to the customer.

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